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The description of eQulele[Lyrics&Chord+EasyPlay]

✨We are aiming for an instrument that can be accompanied as a song for "anyone", "easily", "anytime, anywhere".

※ for possible to play with 3 or more fingers ⚙Settings>Other settings>Screenshots> Three fingers... >all [OFF]

◆ [💟 Chord-Tambourine]
The easiest play-mode, but it provides unprecedented playing comfort in combination with [Air Guitar] mode.
※ Pop up with 💟, can move it freely, press it Back to fix it.

◆ Performance at Vertical screen display support. On the vertical screen, you can play by pressing the keyboard like a piano, and on the horizontal screen, can play with your fingers like a guitar.

◆ Built-in 5 octave x 12 instrument sounds. Immediate scale change by "KEY" ±.

◆ Equipped with a completely original "chord-input-keyboard" that allows you to set almost all "chords" with 2or3 taps with one finger.
Ex.) Press the "C" (Do sound) button twice for [C major,] and press it three times for [C minor]. Or you can intuitively select [Csus4] with "C" + "sus4" and make those sounds.

◆ ± 12 "KEY" button corresponding to "Batch change of chord notation".
* It is also possible to raise or lower only the sound with KEY ± without changing the chord notation.

◆ "Air Guitar" mode for beginners.
Semi-automation up to chord changes. You can play chords according to the music by playing at regular intervals (tap / swipe, or both). You can learn to play with your fingers, ears, and eyes (lyrics). * Currently supports over 2000 songs.
Initially, the easiest way to play is to tap the Red "Auto" button at regular intervals.

◆ Display.
You can freely change the size of the lyrics / chord text with "Text" ±, press "🔄" to narrow down the display to the required function, and use the screen effectively.

◆ Chord & Lyrics Scroll settings.
Fine scroll adjustment is possible with "📜 Scrl" (scroll) & "Tmp" ±.
* Tmp " * 1" will automatically scroll from the display screen to the bottom in "30 seconds". Tmp is "6" (6 * 30 seconds)= 3 minutes.

◆ Output "chord and lyrics text".
This function requires 1 or more "♪". Available by watching reward video or paying for registration. (Both from "menu")
By reading lyrics and chord text , as usual with "♪" being 1 or more, the text will be output in "menu"> "🔠 GetChord ".
Conversely, when reading a "chord and lyrics text", put the lyrics and chord text in the same place and press the "Get" button next to it.
When creating an original chord notation, enclose the characters you want to recognize as chords in one of "{}" or "()". EX.) "(D) Tomorrow (C #) will be fine (F #) may be
(at the time of line break) Pap (B) Rika..."
* Since this application does not have a save function, please use the memo app etc. when saving.

◆ Ez-Arpeggio * Easy arpeggio (horizontal screen standard)
* You can change it with "menu> 🎸 Chord Type. "Ukulele" is set to the same order as the ukulele, "piano" is set to the lower note order from the left (upper) side, and "Base" is set to the scale and tap keyboard lowered by one octave, and "Easy Arpeggio" is canceled.

◆ ♻ ChordShar * Chord sharing (from "menu")
The smartphones connected by the same WIFI can instantly transfer Chords, play the chords displayed on the parent smartphone to the child smartphone.

◆ "👋 Motn" (motion) performance.
For those who find it difficult to play on the touch screen or who want to enjoy playing intuitively.
There is a non-contact performance function that uses (1) proximity sensor ,(2) magnetic sensor (magnet pick).
[🎨 Patn] (Pattern) + "Tmp" ± You can play various rhythms and tempos in combination. Combined with the [Air Guitar] mode, you can literally play like an air guitar.

◆ Shake Play (from "menu")
You can also swing your smartphone up and down on the horizontal screen to play, and tilt it to progress the chords.

◆ Others
-The chord progression data in [Air Guitar] mode is "you can make your own". By swiping "🔔Auto", it becomes a recording mark
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eQulele[Lyrics&Chord+EasyPlay] Varies with device APK for Android Varies with device+

Version Varies with device for Android Varies with device+
Update on 2022-12-31
Installs 1.000++
File size 11.578.911 bytes
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What's new Enjoy playing J-pop✨
Supports alphabet conversion of Japanese lyrics and Hiragana Ruby.
* menu > [ルビ&Alphabet]

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